Pooja room design

A pooja room is a small prayer or worship room in homes, where daily puja rituals are performed. A well-designed pooja room should create a peaceful and serene environment for worship and meditation.

The design W4walls do is influenced by traditional Hindu architecture and interior design, as well as the personal preferences of the homeowner. Elements such as a small altar or shelf for offerings, an oil lamp or diya, and Hindu deities or symbols may be included. Lighting is an important aspect of pooja room design, with a focus on creating a soft, warm ambiance, often achieved through the use of candles or small lamps.

In terms of the layout, a pooja room should be placed in a quiet, isolated area of the home, and be easily accessible. We make sure the room should also be well-ventilated, with windows or a skylight to allow natural light to enter the space. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, can also help to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Overall, the design of a pooja room is prioritize creating an environment that is conducive to prayer, meditation, and reflection.

pooja room
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